How does this work?

We are integrating digital PR with affiliate partnerships to increase conversions and brand awareness.

Digital PR

Digital PR

Digital PR is how we get your business in front of potential customers as they browse the web and is a highly effective brand awareness tool.

Link Building

Link Building

Digital PR is the single most effective link acquisition tool for SEO. We are focusing our Digital PR efforts to deliver high quality links to your website.

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate Partnerships

Content and news sites love affiliate partnerships to ensure articles generate revenue. Collaborating with the right publishers is essential to maximising the conversions for you.

Did you know that, in the UK, affiliate marketing provides companies with a ROI of £16 per every £1 spent?
According to the IAB research


How we will work with you?

We are an extension of your team


We will research what have you done so far, what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. We will get understanding of your audiences. Gather key messages, assets, get your objectives. Then we will analyse your competitors, their marketing strategies and what has worked for them in the past.


After completing the research we will prepare plan for you to sign off. Inclusive of:

  • Timeline
  • Build your press office
  • Prepare programme outline
  • Design affiliate assets to accompany the programme
  • Start recruiting partners
  • Pitch to media

Have questions?

The best way to get in touch is to email us or use WhatsApp messenger for an instant reply. We read every message and do our best to respond within 24 business hours. Generally, we work Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm GMT. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions below so you can make the best decision for you.


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Packages & Pricing

Our marketing packages are designed to help you supercharge your online presence and attract more customers. Our one off onboarding fee of £2500 will cover you for 12 months. Then you only pay for published coverage. T&C’S apply.

Tier 1 Publications


Price is to be paid per piece of published coverage

  • Publications such as: Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, BBC, Independent, Daily Mail, Metro, Huffington Post, Guardian, Elle, Vogue, Red, Fast Company, Business Insider, The Sun, The Sun on Sunday, Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, Daily Mirror, The Times, Sunday Mirror, Daily Telegraph, Time, Harpers Bazaar and others that satisfy the quantifying factor.
  • Qualifying factor for Tier 1 publications: Domain authority: between 90 - 100 (calculated by Moz)
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Tier 3 Publications


Price is to be paid per piece of published coverage

  • Publications such as The Cannavist, Vaporound, CBDecoded CNBS, WeedWorld, CBD Testers, Evergreen Buzz, Hemp Trade Market, Strain Insider, 10Buds, Health Europa, CBDReleaf, Hub Publishing, Cannabis Therapy, Newsweed Kushtopia The Extract, Candid, CBD - Intel, Liefy,, Canna trust, Canna Scout, others that satisfy the quantifying factor.
  • Qualifying factor for Tier 3 publications: Domain authority: between 30 - 59 (calculated by Moz)
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